Nidz Kitchen

Always a popular area to visit at Curryfest, is the cooking demonstration zone. And in 2017, we will be making it even more attractive.

Returning to Curryfest 2017 is Masterchef 2016 contestant Nidhi Mahajan. Nidhi will host celebrity chefs and local restaurant chefs in ‘Nidz Kitchen’.

Nidz Kitchen will be the perfect place to learn the tricks of the trade and sample some sensational dishes.

Nidz Kitchen focuses on providing fresh food made with Love! The food includes authentic Indian as well as Modern Indian. Nidhi isĀ into serving fresh food to people who want to experience the goodness of spices and fresh produce.

Nidhi has recently launched their range of Spice Mixes, which assist you in creating tasty and fresh food for your loved ones without any hassles and in no time! They are made with love and hand packed for extra warmth!